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Robot systems on our customers' premises

RO-BER robots can be found in a wide range of applications. In the receiving area, production, in the warehouse and in the shipping zone. In the receiving area the robots are used for depalletizing, palletizing or repacking / detopping. Within the production the are used for loading / unloding of production machines. Classic end-of-line palletizing is a core competence of the RO-BER Industrieroboter GmbH since almost 35 years. In the department store, the focus is on buffering and storing a wide variety of products, boxes or small load carriers. Since very large workspace areas can be realized with a RO-BER gantry robot, it is also interesting for compact floor-/ block storage applications. The management of the storage places can be carried out statically or dynamically; retreival output e.g. in a sequence for production. Picking, order-picking and detopping are work processes, that our robots take on in the shipping area. The depalletizing of entire layers of one or countless source pallets and the subsequent formation of the target-/ customer pallets is a task, that is predestinated for our gantry robots and gripping systems. On the following pages, you can find a few examples of robot systems we have implemented.
One example is the handling of: Plastic containers, boxes, beverage packaging etc.