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Handling of large load carriers

Automatic (un)loading of tugger trains

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Handling of full pallets or large load carriers

The Twin-Axis gantry of the Giant series can be used for the automatic loading or unloading of tugger trains with large load carriers (llc). Two Y/Z axes that can be moved in one single robot X-slide are equipped for this task with two pairs of tines that are inserted into a carrier apllet / LLC-pallet on both sides, similar to conventional forklift tines. The tines can be moved in their stitch size via a servo-motorized feed movement and adapted accoringly to different pallet formats. Due to the handle on both sides and the synchronized transfer, the pallet hangs securely and stable under the gantry at all times. For transfer to or removal from a tugger train waiting at the side, it must be parked as precisely as possible in the robot's workspace. For positioning transverse the direction of travel of the tugger train, guide elements are mounted on the hall floor. The positioning in the direction of travel is the responsibility of the tugger train driver, however, the target parking position is monitored by sensors.