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Commissioning in the beverage industry


The brewery and retail group Carlsberg has erected two large distribution centres in Denmark. Modern and pioneering order picking systems have been installed here on the basis of 24 gantry robots.


The area gantry robots from the GENIX FP150 range shown in the photo depalletize various types of beverage packaging from unmixed source pallets onto a belt conveyor. In addition to crates, trays and boxes are also depalletized in the system. Superior management software determines an optimum sequence for the customer pallets from the order picking assignments, and issues the depalletizing jobs on this basis. The containers are transported by conveyance systems to pre-stacking units. These in turn supply further area gantry robots, which ensure stable loading of the customer pallets in an optimum sequence. Furthermore, an additional step comprises the order picking of kegs.

The RO-BER scope of supply included not only the gantry robots and the various highly flexible grippers, but also the pre-stacking units. The two images at the side show e.g. a depalletizing gripper for boxes and a layer gripper for drinks crates.

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