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Order-Picking in the beverage industry


Tempo Beverages LTD is Israel’s largest beer brewery. With the automatic (de)palletizing of complete layers, the company based in Netanya has succeeded in once again significantly increasing its order-picking output.


It is possible to supply 60 unmixed, loaded source pallets to the working area of the heavy-duty area gantry robot installed with this customer at the same time. The pallets are channelled in via a transverse shuttle installed at the side of the system, on a total of 15 driven pallet roller conveyors. With a range of approx. 400 articles, the company uses 12 different types of packaging (e.g. crates, cardboard packaging, open and film-wrapped trays, etc.). The robot now performs the layer-based order picking of the target/customer pallets according to specifications from the customer’s master computer. With a layer weight of up to 280kg, the system facilitates a repacking output of approx. 180 layers/h. At the same time, the robot collects the cleared empty pallets (4 different formats) and stacks these in a separate storage space at a speed of up to 60 units/h.

The picked and finished customer pallets leave the system via an automatic pallet wrapper with downstream pallet labelling system.

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