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The company - RO-BER Industrieroboter GmbH


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The company

The core competence of our company is the development and design of gantry robot systems for depalletizing/palletizing and stock picking, and for storage, buffer storage and interlinking.

These products range from the standardised robot systems based on a modular design principle to complex systems for the automation of logistics and material flow.

In cooperation with our customers, we strive to achieve long-term partnership, and this is reflected in our well-organised service concept, to name just one aspect. Our trained specialists are able to put together a service package that is a precise fit with your needs: From training to maintenance and spare parts lists all the way to a 24/7 hotline service.

RO-BER Industrieroboter GmbH was founded in Berlin.

At BIG, the Berlin founder centre, the company started out by developing classic articulated arm robots. A short time later, it moved on to area and linear robots, which are much better suited to the tasks associated with the depalletizing and palletizing of goods.


RO-BEr moves from Berlin to Kamen, the central logistics node for Westphalia.


Relocation of the comany to the new building in Felix-Wankel-Strasse.


Introduction of the Genix-series


The new Giant industrial robot is launched with a payload of 1000 kg


Market launch of the new RO-CX40 controller


First gantry with a wingspan of 14m


Prototype of the new flexible layer gripper FLG for layer palletizing, depalletizing and order picking


First robot with twin axes (two Y/Z axes) in on single robot carriage


New layergripper for freezer installations


Introduction of the new descrambler for product layers with complex packaging patterns