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The robot controller of the RO-CX series integrates motion, logical, safety and process control in one system. The control system meets the highest requirements in terms of performance, safety and flexibility and ensures that your robot can also be used for future applications. Through th euse of controls of the RO-CX series, technically and economically perfectly scalable systems can be realized, which will secure your competitive advantages as a customer. Communication via the open and manufacturer-independent Ethernet standard is of course integrated, so that the system can be integrated into your IT environment. Interfaces to the common ERP or goods management systems are available (SAP, Navision, Oracle,...). The use of modern switch technologies ensures a safe separation of office and plant technology. The system is operated via an industrial PC with a high-resoloution touch display. The touch screen, graphic support and flexible interaction make operation simple and straightforward. Programming according to IEC61131-3 is highly flexible, since all known programming types are available according to the standard (ST, FUP, LAD, STL, AS). The motion control for up to 64 motion control axes enables path-precise movements. The function library is based on DIN66025 and offers an extended range of functions. All necessary engineering tools for configuration, parameterization and programming - from the drive to the control system to operation and monitoring - are already installed on the central operating and programming system ready for use.

The following (optional) technology packages round off the RO-CX series.


Remote-Access for access to all control components


For the creation of packaging patterns for palletizing of homogeneous goods on a graphical basis


For the optimized generation of packaging patters for mixed palletizing and/or order picking


The RO-BER standard-interface for communication with command level systems


The reporting tool for evaluating operational processes and for determing throughput and performance indicators of the operational processes


The RO-BER own warehouse management and material flow system. RO-STORE is modular in terms of the functions incoming goods, outgoing goods (with order management, picking, consolidation and shipping), master data management, inventory and transport management.

Our control: RO-CX40

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RO-BER Industrieroboter GmbH - Controlsystem - RO-BER Industrieroboter GmbH