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Depalletizing - RO-BER Industrieroboter GmbH

Depalletizing with RO-BER

Depalletizing one or more source pallets is a highly complex process. Especially when the source pallets are loaded mixed, not sorted. Because in the latter case the handling of a complete product layer is not an option. Every carton, every KLT, in short every element on the pallet that has to be depalletized must be assessed with the help of a vision system. It´s dimension and spatial position has to be determined. The effort for the integration of vision systems in combination with powerful sensor technology is immense; the feasability always depends on the permissible packaging combinations and the properties of the objects to be gripped. The depalletizing of single-loaded pallets is easier, but also not trivial. Both - grippers for a single or row-grip - and layer grippers can be used. The depalletizing of single-source pallets also requires the use of suitable sensor technology and -in individual cases- additional camera technology. Since the detection and evaluation of the recorded signals always takes additional time, depalletizing processes are generally less performant compared to palletizing processes. The highest performance is undoubtedly achievable with line-by-line depalletizing or when depalletizing entire product layers. For the latter task, the RO-BER Industrieroboter GmbH has recently developed a proven gripping concept that can grip a wide variety of objects / packages; for example cardboard boxes as well as shrink-wrapped trays or beverage crates.

Depalletizing of cartonsanzeigen ...
Depalletizing of cartons

A major industrial customer from the paint/chemical sector uses a changing selection of boxes, which must be automatically recognised and depalletized for storage purposes.