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Gantry robots for the intralogistic

Do you wish to palletise, depalletise, stock pick, store/buffer store, interlink? Our robots can help you to do so!
Our manipulators are as individual as your products. They pack safely but carefully. Individually or multiply. If needed, they can also handle intermediate storage and pallets.
A user-friendly control concept with cutting edge features and interfaces for seamless integration in your material flow system.
We supply the system to you! In addition to our gantry robots, we can offer you the appropriate product and pallet conveyor technology from a single source.



Eintrag vom 15.03.2022

Robotic solution from SSI SCHAEFER and RO-BER receives the IFOY Award 2022!

We are very pleased that we were able to convince the international jury of experts and received the "Oscar of Intralogistics" in the category "Integrated Warehouse Solution" on June 30th, 2022.

Thanks to flat-pack-picking, large items that are typical for the furniture trade can be palletized automatically. The logistic solution jointly designed by IKEA, SSI SCHAEFER and RO-BER was successully implemented in the furniture manufacturer´s customer order distribution center.



Area gantry robot – Gigant FP-300 / FP-1000anzeigen ...
Area gantry robot – Gigant FP-300 / FP-1000

The GIGANT series is characterised by its high dynamic load-bearing capacities of 300 kg up to 1000 kg. This series of robots was developed specifically for applications associated with material flow, where heavy product weights need to be handled rapidly, safely and precisely. Especially with the GIGANT FP1000, this is particularly evident with this system which can, for example, change over entire pallet loads.

  • Dreiachser
  • 300kg
  • 1000kg
  • Teleskopachse
  • Drehachse
  • Schwenkachse
Area gantry robot – Genix FP-150anzeigen ...
Area gantry robot – Genix FP-150

Robots in the GENIX FP150 high-performance series achieve the shortest cycle times. With a load-bearing force of up to 150 kg, products can be handled dynamically and precisely, also in multiple grip configurations, through the consistent use of toothed belt drives. Large working areas can be implemented effortlessly.

  • Dreiachser
  • 150kg
  • Teleskopachse
  • Drehachse
  • Schwenkachse


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