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Palletizing - RO-BER Industrieroboter GmbH

Palletizing with RO-BER

No matter, wether at the end of your production lines, packaging lines or behind the outsourcing of your warehouse - palletizing robots from RO-BER can be found in different areas of the internal material flow. As a single-station palletizer or as a central palletizing center that consists of twenty or morle lines at the same time. In addition to the palletizer RO-BER also offers customized pre-stacking units (e.g. for open trays with and without stacking lugs), forming units, empty pallet magazines, pallet wrappers, pallet labeling systems and much more.
In case of frequently changing product dimensions, the layer images can be created by the customers themselves, using optional software packages. The software package RO-PACK represents a classic packing pattern generator for sorting pallets. RO-MIX on the other hand, is used for palletizing heterogeneous packages. In addition to packaging shemes, which are adapted to different packaging sizes, depending on weight, the load-bearing capacity and other characteristics of the goods to be handled, the order of the pallet loading (according to end-user specification) and orientation rules of the packages, such as alignment of a cardboard label or barcode, can be taken into account. The integration of cardboard underlays or foils for dirt or moisture protection as well as intermediate layers / slipsheets for load securing can also be stored, if the combination of product and pallet dimension does not allow compund stacking.

Palletizing of polystyrene cubesanzeigen ...
Palletizing of polystyrene cubes

Working for a renowned manufacturer of cardboard and polystyrene packaging, RO-BER has realised the palletizing of large-format insulation elements for the construction industry.

Palletizing of open trays anzeigen ...
Palletizing of open trays

The palletizing of open trays with stacking lugs places particularly high demands on the gripper system. RO-BER has installed a high-performance palletizing system for a manufacturer of baked goods.