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Linear gantry robots – Genix LP-150
Linear gantry robots – Genix LP-150
  • ZweiachserZweiachser
  • 150kg150kg
  • TeleskopachseTeleskopachse
  • DrehachseDrehachse
  • SchwenkachseSchwenkachse

Economical and space-saving ...

The LP150 linear gantry robot was devised specifically for applications involving the distribution of goods. As well as high performance levels and a reasonable price, this robot impresses with its ultra-short cycle times and its maximum system performance level.
This version of the linear gantry robot is particularly good at simple repacking tasks, as an inexpensive single-station palletizer and also as a palletizing centre with more than 20 target pallets.
In cases where it becomes necessary to move both horizontal axes in order to reach all points on the pallet, where layer patterns are simple or only present in limited numbers, an auxiliary axis may be used on the Z axis of the linear gantry.

Linear gantry with several carriages...

On both robot series, GENIX and GIGANT, several robots can be operated in one robot frame. From Day One onwards - or retrospectively - whenever your production operations need them to.
As well as a substantial boost in performance, redundancy offers another way to enhance system reliability. Quite simply, whenever one robot carriage fails, another one can take over its tasks. Often, overlaps can be incorporated in the working areas of the robot carriages, and this helps to achieve optimum use of available room space (e.g. through shared access to just one empty pallet stack).

Daten Wert Option
Handhabungsgewicht / Han 100kg
Anzahl Achsen / Axes 3
Positioniergenauigkeit / Positioning accuracy +/- 0,5mm
Wiederholgenauigkeit / Repeatability +/- 0,4mm
Rotationsachse (C) / Axis for rotation Optional
Teleskopachse (Z) / Telescopic axis Optional
Schwenkachse / Swivel axis Optional
Steuerung / Control RO-CONTROL ENC66 RO-CONTROL CX30
Technische Änderungen vorbehalten! / Technical data are subject to change!

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