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Robots - RO-BER Industrieroboter GmbH



Optimum use of space / maximum working areas

The robust design and carefully thought out modular system enables our gantry robots to be adapted to suit virtually any task.
All moving parts on these robots have been designed to be as lightweight as possible to keep inertia forces to a minimum during positive and negative acceleration phases. The robots are powered by zero-maintenance AC servo motors that deliver great dynamism across the entire speed range, and pinpoint accuracy when positioning them is assured by high-resolution resolvers.

A distinction is made in terms of handling weights between the robot series GENIX (up to 150 kg) and GIGANT (up to 1000 kg). Within those series, another distinction is made, this time between area and linear gantry robots.

The advantages

  • Translatory movements without centrifugal forces
  • Variable working space sizes
  • Clear layout concept for pallet and product conveyance technology
  • Great dynamism and positioning accuracy, even when carrying big loads (of up to 1000 kg)
  • Effective performance boost through the use of lifting tables
  • Expandability through sustained enlargement of the robot frame
  • Scalable performance enhancement through the use of one or more robot carriages in a single frame
  • Simple programming in Cartesian coordinates
  • Uncritical safety stipulations
  • Virtually zero-maintenance operation

Area gantry robot– Genix FP-150

Robots in the GENIX FP150 high-performance series achieve the shortest cycle times. With a load-bearing force of up to 150 kg, products can be handled dynamically and precisely, also in multiple grip configurations, through the consistent use of toothed belt drives. Large working areas can be implemented effortlessly.

Dreiachser 150kg Teleskopachse Drehachse Schwenkachse
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Area gantry robot– Gigant FP-300 / FP-1000

The GIGANT series is characterised by its high dynamic load-bearing capacities of 300 kg up to 1000 kg. This series of robots was developed specifically for applications associated with material flow, where heavy product weights need to be handled rapidly, safely and precisely. Especially with the GIGANT FP1000, this is particularly evident with this system which can, for example, change over entire pallet loads.

Dreiachser 300kg 1000kg Teleskopachse Drehachse Schwenkachse
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Linear gantry robots – Genix LP-150

The LP150 linear gantry robot was devised specifically for applications involving the distribution of goods. As well as high performance levels and a reasonable price, this robot impresses with its ultra-short cycle times and its maximum system performance level.

Zweiachser 150kg Drehachse Teleskopachse Schwenkachse
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Zweiachser 300kg 1000kg Drehachse Teleskopachse Schwenkachse
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