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Linear gantry robot - Gigant LP-300 / FP-1000


There is also a GIGANT version of our linear gantry robots. In contrast to the GENIX series, these models focus on load-bearing capacity with lower acceleration values.


Strong and space-saving ...

The GIGANT series is characterised by its high dynamic load-bearing capacities of 300 kg up to 1000 kg. This series of robots was developed specifically for applications associated with material flow, where heavy product weights need to be handled rapidly, safely and precisely. Especially with the GIGANT FP1000, this is particularly evident with this system which can, for example, change over entire pallet loads. In contrast to the GENIX series, these models focus on load-bearing capacity with lower acceleration values.
All moved components on the robot, especially on the version where the Y axis is a dual carrier system are built to be very robust, reflecting the heavy weights that they are called upon to handle. The robot is powered by digital servo drives that enable exceptionally high acceleration values to be achieved with extremely short run-up times. The optimum scope for adjustment in the drive profiles protects the product to a maximum extent while also enabling these robots to achieve high precision in terms of positioning and repeatability.
Here are the performance features in detail:

  • extremely high load-bearing capacity (of up to 1000 daN)
  • short cycle time and maximum system performance
  • robust and low-vibration overall structure
  • virtually noise-free operation
  • optimum ease of installation and commissioning
  • minimal maintenance cost at maximum reliability

Linear gantry with several carriages...

On both robot series, GENIX and GIGANT, several robots can be operated in one robot frame. From Day One onwards - or retrospectively - whenever your production operations need them to.
As well as a substantial boost in performance, redundancy offers another way to enhance system reliability. Quite simply, whenever one robot carriage fails, another one can take over its tasks. Often, overlaps can be incorporated in the working areas of the robot carriages, and this helps to achieve optimum use of available room space (e.g. through shared access to just one empty pallet stack).

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