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Order-picking - RO-BER Industrieroboter GmbH

Order-Picking with RO-BER

Wherever goods are separated from a larger quantity of products, e.g. from a single source pallet to smaller subsets and grouped on a customer pallet, on the basis of production or sales orders, one speeks of order picking processes. All the different robot-supported order picking solutions of RO-BER have in common, that the robot has access to a huge number (60 and more) of source pallets and target pallets. This is a major differentiator to other systems which work with standard articulated robots. The scalable workspace of our gantry robots offers the simultaneous processing of many different SKUs. In combination with a perfectly tailored conveyor technology (pallet roller conveyors, chain conveyors, transfer cars, AGVs) all of our systems are fully automated, performant and reliable. All picking operations can be carried out with the help of the robot either by handling an entire product layer ( layerwise ) or by handling single / multiple products in one cycle. The adaption of the robot system to your individual task, your spatial conditions, your existing material flow, your storage system and, last but not least, your IT infrastructure (connection to existing WMS systems) is our daily business.

Commissioning in the beverage industryanzeigen ...
Commissioning in the beverage industry

The brewery and retail group Carlsberg has erected two large distribution centres in Denmark. Modern and pioneering order picking systems have been installed here on the basis of 24 gantry robots.

Order-Picking in the beverage industryanzeigen ...
Order-Picking in the beverage industry

Tempo Beverages LTD is Israel’s largest beer brewery. With the automatic (de)palletizing of complete layers, the company based in Netanya has succeeded in once again significantly increasing its order-picking output.