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Scalable solutions for order-picking processes

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Order-Picking with RO-BER gantry robots

Wherever goods are separated from a larger quantity of products, e.g. from a single source pallet to smaller subsets and grouped on a customer pallet, on the basis of production or sales orders, one speeks of order picking processes. All the different robot-supported order picking solutions of RO-BER have in common, that the robot has access to a huge number (20/40/60 or even more) of source pallets and target pallets. This is a major differentiator to other systems which work with standard articulated robots.

The handling of complete product layers is used for classic (de)palletizing as well as for the various repacking processes in the course of order picking (formation of sandwich pallets, rainbow pallets) or for detopping. Different gripper concepts are used depending of the product spectrum to be handled. Conventional suction cups are suitable, for example, if only tightly closed cardboard boxes have to be gripped, while an additional clamping mechanism might be useful, if stable cardboard boxes or plastic bins are to be palletized or depalletized in layers. Within increasing variance of different products or product packaging as well as more complex layer patterns (e.g. with compound layer or with chimneys, integrated intermediate layers / slipsheets), the use of the aforementioned gripping principles is usually no longer possible. For such cases RO-BER has designed a gripper head (called RO-FLEX) which works with a combination of volume flow and clamping. The frequency controlled vacuum pumps, that are directly integrated in the gripper, are directly coupled to the suction chamber and thus almost loss-free. A servo-driven clamping mechanism positively seals the product layer on all four sides and also applies (adjustabe) lateral pressure forces, which additionally compact the layer for the transfer process. The exact position of the layer on the source pallet is determined with the aid of sensors integrated in the gripper (e.g. for height control, layer measurement, vacuum monitoring and collision protection). Deviations from the layer target position are compensated fully automatically by the robot on the way to the target pallet, so that a clean stacking pattern is always generated on the customer pallets. The adaption to different layer or pallet dimensions is also realized as a fully automatic process and moreover the handling of empty source pallets can be transferred to the gripper.  

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No matter, wether you intend to pick a single product or a complete layer...

we have the solution for your order picking process!